20130426 New single and video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpauQR9HsdM

20130426 Vote for Erica in "Svensktoppen Nästa": http://sverigesradio.se/sida/gruppsida.aspx?programid=3147&artikel=5513862&grupp=5049

20121125  Världscuppremiären i skidskytte Östersund (IBU WORLD CUP BIATHLON premiere)

20121110 Kirikogalan

20121010 Gala Världens barn, Gamla teatern

20120627 Erica Storsjöyran Sweden summer  2012

20120603 Lyrics for the upcoming CD "När jag dör".

20120525 Release consert 20120605 Storsjöteatern Östersund, Sweden.

20120506 Bittertanten   is the first single from Erica Skogen's upcoming album "När jag dör".

20120506  Vote for Erica's song Bittertanten at "Sveriges P4:s musiktävling svensktoppen nästa" (In Sweden only)

20100129 Release party at Plaza, Östersund, Sweden for "Stories About People"

20091201 New CD "Stories About People" 16 songs

20090515 Erica performs at the Central station in Stockholm May 15-16th for sisBiz

20090510 New single PROBLEM is out. Listen to it on www.myspace.com/ericaskogen

20090228 Buy the four songs from the new EP "Anna Gives A Star Everyday EP"
from Erica Skogen - Anna Gives a Star Everyday - EP or sisbiz.se

Anna Gives A Star Everyday EP

1. Anna Gives A Star Everyday
2. Problem
3. Zandra-Lie
4. Boy With Colour Red

20090207 Release party for "Anna Gives A Star Everyday EP".
You can find details [in Swedish] on the Swedish version of this page. [Click on the Swedish flag]

20090203 Watch Erica live on "Eftersnack", SVT Mitt, at 22.30 [10.30 pm]. She and the band will play the new single "Anna Gives A Star Everyday"

20090130 Interview with Radio Jämtland, where songs from the new EP will be played. Friday at 10.30 [10.30 am]

20090114 EP "ANNA GIVES A STAR EVERYDAY" available on Erica Skogen - Anna Gives a Star Everyday - EP

20090108 Realease of the single "ANNA GIVES A STAR EVERYDAY"
20090107 Starting to shoot the video for the new single
20081128 Radio P4 jubileum performing with Therese Olofsson
20081106 Gig with "Kingen", Guldgalan

20081003 Performing on Swedish TV from Umeå with "Kingen" at "Go Kväll". SVT

20080602 "This is no home" on You Tube

20080518 "This is no home"in Baltic countries wwww.1music.tv, Belarus www.one.by and Georgia www.stereo1.ge

20080328 New single and video "This is no home" release in June.

20071207 See Erica´s Here's To Our Fall on You Tube

New single "Here's To Our Fall" with bonus song "For Now" release in December, and distribution by Universal.

Listen to the new sound samples under the Music tab or www.myspace.com/ericaskogen