Sommarlandet Storsjöyran 2012

Release party 2012
Photos by Stefan Falkelind

Erica winner  "Svensktoppen nästa" May 2012 Jämtland
Photos by Jan Mårdberg, Sveriges Radio


Summer/Autumn 2011


Release  Party
Photos by Svante Möller


Making of the video ...
"Anna Gives A Star Everyday"

Power House, Kramfors; Making of video ...

Expo Norr, July 2008

Playing at News Bar, June 2008

Making the video  "This is no home" February 2008

Erica live with her band during "Biathlon World Cup 2008"

Erica, Summer 2007

Summer 2007 with the Band
Fredrik, Anna & Erik.

Additional recordings Stenladan, Berge Frösön.
Marcus Ernehed Alto- and Alf Jonsson Baritone-Sax.
Lars Ericsson Double Bass.
Peter Roos Violin and Viola.
Fredrik Magnusson Guitar.

Additional recordings, Stenladan, January 2006
Erik Edlund, percussion & Fredrik Magnusson, Guitar.

Christmas Carols,"Gamla Teatern", Dec 2005
Therese Olofsson & Erica Skogen and more artists (Kjell Andersson Conference)

Recordings in Progress: Fjösé Frösön 2005
Lars Ericsson Bass
Fredrik Magnusson, recording
Mattias Nordqvist, Piano
Katarina Åhlén, Cello

News Cafe, July 2005

Storsjöyran 2004.
Fredrik Magnusson, Anna Nyström, Erik Edlund

Studio (bilder)/pictures

Release party O'Leary's Östersund, mini-CD 2004-03-19.


From old band, Babyleen.