The English short version:

Erica is a singer/songwriter from Sweden. She wrote her first song at the age of nine and has continued to write songs since then. She grew up in a family where all five members are highly devoted to music. Her father Östen is a musician and a music teacher, her mother Asta has influenced Erica by singing to her through her whole childhood. Erica’s big sister Anne-Lie lives in Holland and works as a singer and music teacher and the little one, Zandra, is also a singer and a cool police. In this family everyone tries to play as many instruments as possible, all but the ones Östen proposes J.


Erica used to be a member of a pop/rock band called Soap, then Asoap and finally Babyleen (apparently amused with the art of name switch). They played at festivals such as Hultsfred and Storsjöyran. The band does not exist at the moment.


Additional information

Erica has played football (soccer) since she was eight years old and that has been her flaw when it comes to focus on her music. However, after 20 years as a committed footballer, the last 14 years in the higher divisions in Sweden, it might be time to resign (but she has said that for nine years now…)